FBC Youth Group

Our group exists as a safe space for high school age youth to come
and socialize, learn about God, grow in Christlikeness,
and become big-hearted, generous young people.
“Tell me more!” 
First and foremost Jesus and His Word (the Bible) is the love and focus of our Youth Group.
It’s Him we come to meet with, worship, and who we trust to increasingly transform us into His image as we hear and learn to apply His words. Besides that, we are a fun, kind, normal
(/crazy!) bunch of youth with a heart for each other, needs in our local area, and for sharing
about Jesus’ radical work in our hearts  and lives because of His precious gospel. 
Our weeks very intentionally combine Biblical messages, Jesus-centered worship,
and relationship-building and spiritual-walk equipping small group times. We also love newcomers and our mix of fun games and food, special events and creative A.R.K nights
(Acts of Radical Kindness) provide a natural and relational way to join our youth group family.  
Our monthly A.R.K nights provide opportunities to put our faith into action in a fun and
creative way by reaching real people with real needs in our hometown. In small groups we
plan and carry out meaningful ‘blessings’ for our neighbors, businesses, and community institutions. Each outing our youth grow in their confidence and ability to share their faith, find creative ways to make a real difference, and have heaps of fun going on local mission together!
We look forward to having you come and join our youth group family! 🙂
For more information call the First Baptist Church office at (218) 463-2513.
WHO attends our
Youth Group?
Anyone in Grades 7 – 12 

WHEN do we meet?Wednesday evenings       from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

WHERE do we meet?
First Baptist Church Youth Rooms (#302 & #303)