Clear Conscience

Do you sleep at night? Seriously, do you get a good nights sleep or are your thoughts going a mile a minute? There are a lot of reasons people don’t sleep well. Stress, anxiety, fear of the unknown. What is your reason?

One reason people don’t sleep at night is because they don’t have a clear conscience. Are there things going on in your personal life that are keeping you awake at night? Read more…

Monday Manna- Do You Love Me?

One act of obedience is better than One hundred sermons.” 

Dietrich Bonhoffer


I don’t think we realize how important or how powerful obedience is. In the Old Testament Moses was given quite a task. God gave him clear and specific instructions to build the tabernacle. Moses accepted and completed the challenge!
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Holiness or Happiness


What is it that you are living for? What do you personally pursue each day?

This week I have been thinking about the connection between holiness and happiness. Can I have both? It seems to me that if my primary pursuit is happiness that I will not necessarily experience holiness. My heart, and if you are to be honest, your heart is selfish. When I pursue happiness I am self-centered and self-seeking.

What if I pursue holiness? When I determine to pursue holiness, or the things of God, I have a much better chance of achieving peace in my life. If I live my life in the authentic pursuit of God, holiness, I will find my joy and contentment in Him and eternal things that truly last. Read more…

Proud or Humble?

Would you describe yourself as a proud or a humble person?

How would others describe you?  Yes, this is a humbling question to ask and answer.  Humility does not come easily to any of us.  If we are going to be honest don’t we  have to admit that we are naturally self centered?   

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